What is an AMC?

BACnet-International-Book-2009-AHR-Expo-300x224 BlurAMC stands for “Association Management Company” – a unique model that allows our staff to be your staff. According to the AMC Institute, AMC’s are “for-profit businesses that do just what the name says – manage associations to help them grow and prosper.”

This model allows for truly customized services to meet each association partner’s specific needs and goals. AMC’s, NCG included, can provide anything from full service association management to project based consulting on membership and strategic planning and anything in between.

By utilizing our team, you access pooled resources to tap into various talents and aggregated experience without having the financial or logistical burdens that come with in-house staff or multiple contractors.

Many AMC’s serve as an association’s headquarters. Typically this includes an Chief Executive Officer (or similar) who manages the various staff and talents who may touch an association in order to ensure that both operations and strategic initiatives are successfully executed.

For more information, including resources and comparisons of AMC managed and stand alone organizations, please visit the AMC Institute.